A Discord Bot that gets weather and COVID data.

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A Discord Bot that gets the weather and COVID-19 country statistics.

To use

  • For weather data, use the command !weather:

    • Use !weather current <location> to get the current weather forecast at that location.
    • Use !weather forecast <location> to get the forecast for the next 5 to 7 days.
    • Use !weather <day> <location> to get the weather on that upcoming day, where <day> is any weekday or weekend Sunday through Saturday.
    • Use !weatherbot counter to check what the global weather counter is at. If this exceeds 1000, the requests must be stopped until midnight the next day.
    • Examples:
      • !weather current Akron, Ohio
      • !weather current London, England
      • !weather forecast Moscow, Russia
      • !weather forecast Rhode Island
      • !weather Sunday Paris, France
      • !weather Friday New Orleans
  • For COVID-19 data, use the command !covid <country>. If you wish to look up statistics for US States, you can use the State's two letter postal code, ie. NY for New York or OH for Ohio, to look up its respective data. If no country or state is selected, the command will display global statistics.

    • Examples:
      • !covid Germany
      • !covid Japan
      • !covid USA
      • !covid
      • !covid WY

Add to Server

Click here to add the bot to your server.


If you have issues, either bugs or otherwise, you can make an issue here.

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